The CREATE. Studio 

Our studios have everything you need to design, create, and/or sell your own handmade crafts.

Below is a list of the featured equipment available for you to try and use with a Studio Day Use Pass or CREATE. Membership

  • White Toner and Sublimation Printer 

  • 16 x 20 and 12 x 15 Heat Press

  • Hat Press 

  • Mug & Shot Glass Press

  • Cricut Maker 3

  • Cricut Maker 

  • Screen Printing 

  • Thermal Label Printer 

  • Tumbler Spinners 

  • Computers (or bring your own with your designs) 

  • Select SVG and Design Files for Your Use

  • Product Photography Set Up 

  • Large Workshop Tables 

  • Glue Guns 

  • Paint 

  • Tools 

  • And, much more... 

Looking to partner with us?

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Updates and additions to our studio will be posted here!

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At CREATE, we bring in new crafts and tools all the time. We have everything sectioned with the supplies and tools for each project. You can choose a project to do and use all our equipment and supplies available for use in the space to create your own finished craft or art project, or you can purchase craft supplies separately.


We have several CREATE. packages in our space to choose from to make it easy to decide what new creation you want to try. Below are the CREATE. package options currently available in the Studio:

  • Create a T-Shirt - Custom Apparel Using Vinyl, White toner or Sublimation, Bring Your Own or Choose One 

  • Create a Tumbler - Resin or Plastic Cup Options 

  • Kids Crafts and Kits - Wood Sign Painting, Bird House Painting, Sewing and More

  • Create a Screen Print - Use for Multiple Items and for Many Surface Types 

  • Glass Etching - Custom Glassware, Bring Your Own Glass Item or Choose from Ours 

  • Create a Duffle Bag - Customize with Several Colors and Options to Choose From

  • Create Resin Coasters - Paint, Glitter, Mica Powder and Resin to Create Custom Coasters

  • UV Resin - Key Chains, Badge Holders, Pet Tags and More. 

  • Create Buttons - Use Button Machine and Printers to Create Custom Buttons 

  • Resin Molds - Mixing and Pouring to Create Custom Resin Projects 

  • Create a Mosaic - Create a Stencil Design and Create Your Own Home Décor Piece 

  • Create Infusible Ink - Versatile for Many Surfaces and Uses for Custom Design

  • Create Candles - Melt the Wax and Choose the Essential Oil Scent of Your Choice 

  • Create a Wood Sign - Using Paint, Craft Supplies, Glitter, Vinyl and More 

  • Pottery Painting - Paint a Pottery Piece to be Fired, Many Choices to Pick From

Don't see the project you were hoping for? Please let us know! We can help you use our equipment or find a local crafter to help you create something you have in mind. 


Supporting our local handicrafters and  helping their business gorw and prosper.

CREATE. Studios aspires to provide services that will help our small business community grow and thrive. Below are some of the options we offer our customers. Those who make and sell anything handmade or homegrown can take advantage of these services.